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7 Best POS system for 2022 | Choose the top Retail POS system for your business

From the contactless payment to the online store, POS (point of sales) is one of the important features for businesses to enhance the client's experience. Additionally, the POS system will help retail businessers to track inventory, the performance of the employee, and sales made by the shop.

Smarter retailers who start an online retail business and retail business on the store will understand the benefits of the POS system as they are the pillar of their retail shop. If the retail shop owners produce a large income, they need to move for the best POS system for their retail shop. The right POS system will handle all their inventory, customers, employees, and sales. It actually implies less work with a high-profit margin.

But what makes the POS system great for the retailer? The best retail POS system will combine the features such as pricing without hidden charges, good inventory management, easy use, and effective reports. It is the best retail POS system if the POS system provides you with the online selling option.

On the digital market, you can find several POS systems. Choosing the best POS system for your retail business is a challenging task. So, to make you overcome your difficulties, SNAPOS came with the best POS systems for retail.

The Best Retail POS System

Here are the best retail POS system for retailers.

  • Allover Best Small Business POS for Retailer: SNAPOS app

  • Best For Inventory Management for Retailers: Lightspeed Retail

  • Best POS System For Reporting: Revel Systems

  • Best POS For Marketing: Square For Retail

  • Best User-friendly POS system: Clover

  • Best POS For Loyalty: Vend

  • Best POS For Transparent Pricing: Hike

  • Best Online Selling Features POS System: Shopify POS

Overall Best Small Business POS for Retailer: SNAPOS app

SNAPOS is one of the best small business POS systems containing the features users want at an affordable cost. In simple terms, we can say SNAPOs as the best user-friendly POS system with a budget-friendly amount. It is specially built for all small business grocery and retail shops.

SNAPOS app has excellent inventory management to make small business retail shops grow. Their users don't require any computer knowledge to work, because it is user-friendly software.

They have effective customer management features to check their respective customer activity. SNAPOS will help businessers to view the real-time status of the customers by holding the high valued customers with a higher amount of purchase at the top.

SNAPOS app features:

  • Real-time inventory management

  • Faster billing with QR integration, SMS notification

  • Can add instant product during a billing

  • Receipt tracking

  • Business summary report

  • Easy online store setup

  • Customized discounts and coupons

  • Can add multiple counters for admin & staff

  • Customer management by tracking dues, advance payments, and their reports


It has 14 days free trial. The pricing for the SNAPOS app is $ 4.99 /Month /Device. It can also be billed annually.


  • Best and effective for small businessers

  • Easy online store setup

  • Effective customer management


  • This software cannot be suited for large shoppers

Best For Inventory Management for Retailers: Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is one of the most suitable inventory management software for retailers. Available in multi-store and multichannel editions, Lightspeed Retail is used for inventory management and retail point-of-sale.

It offers excellent features for inventory management, allowing you to monitor your inventory in real-time with automatic restocking and tracking of sales. The POS system also includes extensive loyalty features, allowing you to store data on customers and offer specialized discounts.

Lightspeed Retail Features:

  • Tracking inventory levels and SKUs

  • Create product variants & matrices

  • Automatically break down boxed inventory

  • Built-in purchase orders and sync vendor catalogs

  • Import up to 10,000 inventory item import tool

  • Bulk pricing changes

  • Set price rules

  • Handle giveaways and donations

  • Offer buy-one-get-one promotions


For basic functionality, the monthly retail POS system pricing starts from $69. For additional features will cost extra charges.


  • In-depth inventory management

  • eCommerce integrated

  • Holds advanced retail features


  • Required to pay an extra charge for advanced features

Best POS System For Reporting: Revel Systems

Revel CRM is packed with incredibly robust back-end features to help restaurant and retail businesses grow. Its fantastic reporting suite puts critical data on your employees, customers, sales, and inventory at your fingertips. Revel customer management lets you set up a loyalty rewards program and run email campaigns to keep customers engaged. And you can track employee productivity and sales in real-time. So you know when it's time to award or coach your staff.

Reveal POS Retail Features:

  • Purchase Order Management

  • Smart Reporting Suite

  • Real-Time Inventory management

  • Till Management

  • Delivery Management

  • Loyalty & Gift Cards

  • Payment Flexibility

  • Employee Management and Scheduling

Reveal POS Retail Pricing:

Reveal retail POS pricing starts for iPad POS starts from $99/month. It is one of the powerful POS systems for retailers. Revel, the open POS system, was designed to be highly flexible and can be customized to fit virtually any retail need.


  • Comprehensive reporting procedures

  • Custom-built packages

  • Powerful multilocation retailers


  • Consumes large time for processing obligations

Best POS For Marketing: Square For Retail

Square is a complete point-of-sale solution that provides features you need, like easy point-of-sale software, inventory tracking, staff management, and customer communication tools. With Square for Retail, set up an online store in less than a day.

Square for Retail narrows the product’s scope to retail businesses, removing other POS software features that small to mid-sized brick and mortar businesses typically don’t require. Additionally, add the Square Marketing add-on to your Square account and you can start sending built-in emails, and texts to customers who come into your store or place orders online.

Square for Retail features

  • Free online store

  • Invoicing

  • Client Messages

  • Advanced inventory tools

  • Advanced retail reports

  • Square Payroll

  • Cross-location exchanges

  • Square Team Management

  • Account management

  • Square Marketing

Square for Retail Pricing

Square for Retail is a simple retail POS system without any advanced option. Though you don't have advanced options on this retail POS system, it is an easy and user-friendly system. It has a free version with limited features. For robust version i.e., Square for Retail Plus, it costs $60/month/location. Square Marketing pricing starts from $10/month with the customized options.


  • Holds free plan

  • Built-in text message marketing

  • Contains a free online selling feature


  • Holds occasional funds

Best User-friendly POS system: Clover

The clover is an all-in-one versatile POS system for your retail business. YOu can start within a minute with this POS system. The custom-built Android hardware has more hassles for the setup process and contains a user-friendly interface that takes only a short time to learn the software. Easy to assign roles and users. Clover holds advanced inventory management and permits users to import bulk items.

Clover POS is a cloud-based software that allows you to remotely manage your business, wherever you are. Anyone can "check-in" to your store through the app and see what's going on in real-time. You can quickly see how much inventory you have left and know when to reorder.

Clover Features:

  • Inventory management

  • Gift Cards

  • Online ordering

  • App Market

  • Customer Management

  • Built-in Item Exchanges

  • Reporting

  • Invoicing

Clover Pricing

The clove pricing plan starts from $0/month - contains only payment processing. To buy the full retail POS system from clover costs $39.95. For devices, they charge $10/month per registration.


  • Fast and easy to setup

  • Customizable feature-set

  • Smart, purpose-built hardware


  • Sealed into Fiserv processing

Best POS For Loyalty: Vend

Vend was the first web-based POS system for retailers in the world. Vend’s intuitive and well-designed interface makes it one of the easiest POS software solutions to install, use and customize. Vend is now available in over 100 countries and holds around 20,000 installations worldwide – putting it on track to be the leader for the next generation of POS applications.

Vend Features:

  • Available for iPad App

  • Customer Management

  • Price Books

  • eCommerce Integration

  • Transaction Options

  • Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

Vend Pricing

Vend POS is a robust point of sale system designed for retail. The app has an easy interface and is packed with features, including a custom inventory management system, simple layaway options, an online dashboard, and more. If you’re looking to keep costs down while maximizing the effectiveness of your POS software, then this could be the one for you.

Vend pricing plan starts from $99 per month. Vend is one of the best choices for medium-size businesses.


  • Vend package has outstanding loyalty

  • Contains advanced inventory features

  • User-Friendly POS system


  • Has no built-in eCommerce feature

Best POS For Transparent Pricing: Hike

The hike is a customizable eCommerce platform that allows businesses to set up their stores and start selling in minutes. Designed with small businesses in mind, Hike’s focus is providing the tools necessary to make it easy for online sellers to manage their inventory, products, orders, customers, and more.

With a built-in Mailchimp integration and an easy solution for adding customers to groups for marketing campaigns on Mailchimp, Hike has taken the pain out of email marketing — making it simple and easy for small retailers to get absolutely massive results. Hike has an iPad and Android tablets application. It is possible to run POS software on a PC or MAC on the web browser.

Hike Features

  • Inventory Management

  • Purchase Orders

  • Marketing

  • Multi-store Management

  • Reporting

  • Loyalty Rewards

  • Integrated payments

  • Customer profiles

  • Point of sale

Hike Pricing

Hike monthly pack starts from $59 per month. If you would like to get full features, its package is $79 per month for one location. In the case of a multi-store account, $129 per month. It does not have any hidden charges. Its pricing is more transparent.


  • More customized and versatile

  • Pricing is transparent

  • Payment can be processed even on offline mode


  • Sometimes it is glitchy

Best Online Selling Features POS System: Shopify POS

One of the best online selling multichannel keys for retailers is Shopify. Retailers can use Shopify to manage their inventory, use powerful marketing tools to capture new sales, and easily accept payments no matter how a customer chooses to buy.

It is easy for any merchant to start selling in-person with features such as a cash drawer and barcode scanner, or sell in-person and online at the same time with multi-channel capabilities. Businesses can add customers quickly from data already stored in the app, and print custom retail receipts for each sale.

Through Shopify, you can sell all your products across variers social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You have lots of features and best takeaways features with Shopify.

Shopify Features

  • Shipping & Delivery Options

  • Email & Text Marketing

  • Refunds & Store Credit

  • Discounts

  • Accept Two Or More Payment Options

  • Smart Grid

  • Order Histories

  • Custom Sales

  • Multiple Sales Channels

  • Custom Payment Options

Shopify Pricing

Shopify pricing starts from $9 per month with the Shopify lite. For all advanced features, $89 per month has been charged. The rate of processing plan depends on your level of monthly plan.


  • Powerful retail-centric option

  • Holds email & text marketing capabilities

  • Has integrated eCommerce


  • The payment process cannot be processed on offline mode.

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