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Guide to start a COFFEE SHOP

Simple Steps to
Coffee Shop

We guide you on how to set up your coffee shop like a PRO.

Follow the below steps to 

6 steps to launch your
coffee shop

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Start with Research

Reach For Coffee Business

Make sure to start your coffee shop with research. Nothing can make you learn more than research. Examine the competitors. Check what they doing. Instead of doing the same as your competitor, think about how you can stand unique in the same industry. 

If you're starting your own business for the first time, make sure to consult with people in similar industries. It helps you to decide whether this cafe business will suit you or not. Don't make a move without any research. It may lead you to the wrong path.

Reseach & Plan
Prepare a coffee shop business plan

Whatever may be your business is, have a business plan. The business plan tells you about the future moves. If you are stuck at any point in your business, the path that guides you to reach the destination is a business plan. Your coffee shop business plan will allow you to predict the business profits that you get in the future. 


The business plan may vary based on the size you plan for your business. The plan may range from a few pages to hundreds of pages based on the size of your coffee shop. 


The standard business plan of the coffee shop has seven elements. They are,

  1. Administrative Summary

  2. An overview and description of your coffee shop

  3. Market Analysis

  4. Your coffee shop business offerings

  5. Business management plan and the structure of ownership

  6. The strategy of marketing and advertising 

  7. Financial plan.


Identify Sources

Identify your source of coffee beans 

Choosing the quality coffee bean is the high-prior element in starting your coffee shop business. Most coffee shops purchase their coffee beans from wholesalers. You must be more specific while peeking for a roaster to source your coffee beans. Check the type of seed, process of roasting, and the coffee beans grade before you decide to purchase. 

Here are some of the things to consider, when you're looking for coffee beans.

Do you love that coffee? If you're not satisfied with the roaster coffee, the customer may feel the same. 

What's the price and quality? If you purchase the coffee beans at an expensive rate, you need to sell your coffee at a higher price. It may make your customer avoid your coffee shop. So purchase the coffee beans on your budget with good taste. 

What's the location of your roaster? Sometimes, purchasing a roaster in your local area may brand your recognition. Choose a standard and quality roaster.

Do your supplier holds all your required flavors? Check whether the roaster provides all your coffee-type flavors to start your coffee shop. 

Identify sources

Startup Loans

Search for startup loans

Starting a coffee shop may be expensive. So you may face a money shortage to purchase the equipment without the right funding. To run your shop efficiently with profit, it takes 6-12 months. So make sure to operate the coffee shop on your budget operation until you own the profit.

Some of the ways for coffee shop funding are small business loans, traditional commercial loans, and business lines of credit. Before you go for a decision, research each and every type of loan.  

Startup loans

Coffee Shop Equipment

Equipments for your cafe shop

Some shops may have a coffee roaster on-site, some may not. It is important to consider those factors when planning to open a coffee shop. Be sure to choose equipment that will be useful for the space you have available. Keep in mind that as your business grows, it is easy to add on more equipment. 

The list of equipment to start a coffee shop may vary from shop to shop. Use the list below to identify the equipment you will need to start your coffee shop.

Coffee shop equipment

Filing Permits & Licenses

Its time for permits & licenses

Before you take your business to the public, you need to file permits and licenses for your new coffee shop. The requirements to get a coffee shop license and the way you obtain it from the government may vary for the city, state, and country. So, make sure to cross-check with your local government regarding the process. Approving your permit may take some time, so plan your coffee shop accordingly. 


Filing permits and licenses

Online Store

How about a coffee shop online store?

In the current scenario, online stores are the trending part that converts more profits. An online store for your coffee shop can help you to market your shop, product, and brand. You can sell your coffee to merchandise quickly and easily by adding up an eye-catching product image on the online store with relevant descriptions to attract customers and increase sales.  

If you planned to start a cafe shop with an online store and looking for a budget-friendly application, then SNAPOS will be your choice. Try using the simple online store with the POS app for your coffee shop business. 

SNAPOS app is one of the simple and inexpensive solutions for your online store cafe business. Get your POS software with an online store with the SNAPOS app. 

Need Online store banner Image

online store.png
Online Store

Billing Software for Cafe

It's time for shop registration

Billing Software is equally important for your cafe business. You must choose billing software that fits the needs of your shop. You should understand the basic functionality of the software and how it can help you as a cafe owner. With SNAPOS, you can start your online store, can make billing, can manage customers effortlessly and inventory, and more features just for your grocery store.

Billing software fo cafe

Simple POS billing & online store 


All your need with one SNAPOS app. Get your POS system and Online store in one app. 


Dive for Advertising

Advertise your cafe business

Whether you work in the shop or own a coffee cart, spreading the word about your location and hours of business is critical to achieving success. Advertising your shop is one of the most effective ways to get your message to customers. While advertising your brand with your logo by including your contact information and address, it can reach people easily. 

There are more smart ideas for marketing your coffee shop business. We offer the best service at an affordable price to make your business grow.


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Accounting Software for your Store

Software for Inventory Management

You can also try using some simple accounting software like mybooks if you would go for an advanced option without an online store. For easy GST, inventory management with low stock alert, accounts payable and receivable, multi-business, multi-user role access, barcode billing, 25+ report with lots and lots of features, if you would like to focus more on accounting, go for accounting software like mybooks.

Make your business accounting ease

Manage your business inventory with mybooks accounting app. Seamless billing & invoicing with multiple templates. The free app for accountants

and non-accountants. 


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs to Setup Cafe Shop


How profitable is a coffee shop? Doen it really worth it?

The gross margin for cafe business runs high as 85%. But when it comes to small business coffee shops, there is only 2.5% of gross sales. But based on the location and the brand the business creates, the income of the coffee shop gets differs. So with the right location and right advertising, you can create a super-duper coffee business. 


How much does it cost to open a coffee shop?

To open a small coffee shop, you need an investment of Rs.10 lakhs. If you plan to start a cafe business in an area like a metro city, you must be ready to spend a minimum of Rs. 20 Lakhs. In other countries, it may cost over $100k to over $600k to open a coffee shop. The cost to open a cafe may vary depending on the location.  


What makes a coffee shop unique? Unique ideas to improve shop

Some of the unique ideas for your coffee shop include thematic business designs, fast billing payments to satisfy customers, the way you present the coffee with the pot, coffee delivery, and providing the client value beyond the expectation - like free snacks, and seasonal drinks and more.


How many cups of coffee does a coffee shop sell a day?

Based on the National Coffee Association, the self-sustaining coffee shop can sell around 200 to 300 cups of coffee per day. When it comes to the large coffee shop, they sell around 700 cups of coffee per day. 


Is a cafe a good business?

When we compare other businesses' profit margin and cost of stock, coffee businesses are profitable. As for a cafe business, the profit margins are high with a low cost of the stock. Based on the location, product quality, and advertising they may increase or decrease the earnings. 


Do you need a Licence to sell coffee?

Yes, it is mandatory to have an FSSAI food safety license registration for each and every coffee business. Businessers are not permitted to sell without a license. 

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