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Guide to start a MOBILE SHOP

6 Simple Steps to Setup
Mobile Shop

We guide you on how to set up your first mobile shop like a PRO

in India. Simple guide for startup business.

6 steps to launch your moble shop


Effective steps to start a mobile shop

An Introduction

The mobile shop is one of the fast-growing businesses. Especially most small businesses came forward to start a mobile store. In the current scenario, it is difficult to find people without a phone. Some people have more than one phone. So, people need a mobile phone. People enjoy changing and exchanging the mobile phone. So, no doubt, the mobile shop business is one of the best small businesses to start!

So, starting a mobile store and a mobile service store will benefit businesses. This article, explore the procedure to open a mobile storage business. 

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Business plan for your store

Right plan for your mobile shop

Every business starts with a business plan. So business planning is the first step to opening your phone shop. The business plan for your mobile shop should wrap up your most basic needs. Some of the essential requirements to start a mobile store are.


  • Whether you are planning only for a physical store or both physical and online stores

  • The list of products and services you want to focus on

  • Cost of the inventory

  • The suitable product pricing with the right profit margin

  • Competitive analysis

  • Marketing plan

  • Business operations

  • Financing, and other similar factors

Further, you must have a clear picture of how to estimate startup expenses for small businesses.


A business plan provides you with the track for your mobile store. If there is a need exist to acquire a loan for your mobile phone store, make sure to have a comprehensive business plan. There are so many available sources that offer business loans to open a supermarket business.

business plan

Pick you location

Location for your mobile shop

Location is one of the important parts of your mobile store. First, you must choose the right spot for your mobile store or phone shop. Make sure that your phone store is easily accessed by all your customers. Try to select an area with less competition and more people's footsteps. If you are planning to mobile shop online store, have attractive product images.


Get a mobile shop license

License for your shop

Even your small mobile shop with one or two persons can typically receive more than Rs.10 Lakhs of sales. So, if you begin your mobile store as a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), is considered to be the best. Make sure to complete your GST registration with the help of the GST portal. 


If you are planning to import your shop accessories from different countries such as China, owing to cost benefits, it is preferred to obtain the IE code also on

Mobile license

Strategy for your mobile shop

Perform Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is nothing but calculating your business cost and value proposition through the advantages, disadvantages, chances/opportunities, and threat analysis. In simple terms, we can define the feasibility study as the possible success for your mobile or phone store. 

Anyways, a feasibility study is one of the components of your business planning. Try to avoid unwanted expenses when you plan small. Start your shop with a low investment. Be sure that will not sacrifice the product quality or decrease the investment.

Grab customers attention 

When considering the physical store, two elements are more significant for your mobile store -- Attractive and easy to access.

Most customers love to revisit your shop when you have a good appealing shop look with a nice gesture and service. Your customers love to visit and revisit your mobile store if you have a nice product alignment, hygiene, efficient sales person to help with and the product should be focused on the right site. 

Find a Good Source

For potential customers, you need potential suppliers. Find the right source, who can deliver your required products whenever necessary. By having a reliable vendor, you can make your business one step ahead. When you maintain a trustworthy relationship with your supplier, you can bargain and can get products at a low budget for your mobile shop. Select the supplier who gives you inventory at good quality and a good rate.

Plan operation

Once you have chosen your suitable mobile and mobile accessories supplier, the following step is to plan for your mobile store operations. Some of the operations include

  • Whether you are planning to hire employees?

  • Does your family going to support your business?

  • What will be your expenditure for a physical store?

  • What is the type of payment you are going to offer to your customers?

  • Any plan to build an online store?

  • If yes, then think of the website or app to build it.

You must have a clear-cut operational plan to start your mobile store


Dive for Advertising

Grow your mobile store

Yes, you have plotted an excellent location for your phone shop. You built your mobile store physically. What's next? Now you need to create your mobile store business brand awareness, i.e you should make individuals know about your mobile shop to reach more of your target audience. For potential customers, you require to work forcefully with smart moves.

  • Use flyers to brand your mobile phone store

  • Try to plan for an inauguration function

  • Make sure to reach your potential customers manually if possible 

  • boost your social media presence

  • Try to conduct an ad campaign by concentrating on your local audience

  • Add your mobile shop business on Google My Business

  • Place your mobile shop business in local newspapers if possible

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POS Billing Software

Install your POS & Billing Software

Deciding a POS system for your mobile shop business is another important part. Try to install the POS Billing software that lists all your needs including the online store. SNAPOS is one of the best Point of Sales software for your phone store. SNAPOS is one of the most affordable apps in the POS market. You can start your phone business with an online store, and can manage customers effortlessly.

POS System with Online Store

Start using SNAPOS

Choosing POs is one of the important parts of your convenience store. Try to pick the POS software for a supermarket that holds your needs with the online store. SNAPOS is one of the best software for supermarket and grocery stores. It is more affordable in the POS software market. You can start your online store, can make billing, can manage customers effortlessly and inventory, and more features just for your grocery store.

Online Groceries-pana 1.png

Simple POS billing software


All your need with one SNAPOS app. Get your POS system and Online store in one app. 

POS billing sofware

Accounting Software for your Store

Software for Inventory Management

You can also try using some simple accounting software like mybooks if you would go for an advanced option without an online store. For easy GST, inventory management with low stock alert, accounts payable and receivable, multi-business, multi-user role access, barcode billing, 25+ report with lots and lots of features, if you would like to focus more on accounting, go for accounting software like mybooks.

Make your business accounting ease

Manage your business inventory with mybooks accounting app. Seamless billing & invoicing with multiple templates. The free app for accountants

and non-accountants. 

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